Policy and advocacy for sanitation

Warrap calls for public health education to combat preventable diseases

Health experts and government authorities in South Sudan’s Warrap State have called for increased efforts and new innovative approaches to combat high maternal and infant mortality rates through the promotion of preventative care. According to a report by the United Nation Children’s fund (UNICEF), an estimated 6 million people in South Sudan lacks pit latrines and defecate in the open spaces.

Faecal infections, undernutrition and sanitation

Are infections transmitted through open defecation and poor hygiene more significant causes of sickness, debilitation and undernutrition than is commonly recognised? So far, much attention has been focused on diarrhoea. Relatively neglected have been other faecally-related infections estimated to be widespread such as Ascaris, hookworm, Schistosomiasis and liverfluke. These diseases are often subclinical and less visible, less measurable and measured, not episodic but continuously debilitating, and less treated. All of these infections – diarrhoeas and all the others – can be attacked and in principle eliminated by safe sanitation and hygienic behaviour.

Date: 9 February 2011


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