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Reflections from day 2: Sanitation marketing and Natural Leaders

Institute of Development Studies [IDS] facilitators never seem to run out of participatory facilitation techniques and this time round, discussion themes are developed from participant expectation cards. The themes varied from Natural leaders [interesting, I also picked this up during day 1] , sanitation marketing, children and CLTS, scaling up , gender issues, partnerships and collaborations, overcoming subsidy- among others. Participants are asked to vote for at least 2 themes they are most interested to participate in and from this exercise.

The little and simple things we do make a difference!

As part of the agenda for day two at the Annual Review meeting of the Pan African CLTS Program, action learning and research has been highlighted as a key component for the program in order to facilitate documentation, experience sharing and scaling up of CLTS. It was also emphasized that action learning is a continuous process; it involves observing, reflecting, documenting and sharing.

Reflections on the first day of the Pan Africa Review meeting

Day 1 of the PanAfrican CLTS program inter-country review meeting has just been concluded here in Accra, Ghana. All the 9 implementing countries have shared progress on their projects with challenges and achievements. The impact is amazing; over 450,125 people are living in open defecation free communities across all these countries in 2 years.

Trigger: Annual Report for the Pan African CLTS project

Trigger is an Annual Report for the Pan African project Empowering self-help sanitation of rural and peri-urban communities and schools in Africa. It includes background information about the project, overviews of the 8 countries’ activities and progress as well as many interesting photos.

Date: 17 November 2011


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