Monitoring and sustainability

Extension Agent reorganization into a ‘Block’ system for CLTS Implementation and Monitoring in Salima and Zomba Districts, Malawi

Inspecting a community latrine in Malawi

CLTS in Malawi has traditionally been implemented through local Health Centre extension agents and supported by resourcing provided by donor partners. With the goal of a 100% Open Defecation Free Malawi by 2015 and the current percentage of ODF villages verified at 4.3%, there is immediate need for more efficient delivery of CLTS. The inability to monitor and verify progress towards ODF presents a critical barrier that jeopardizes the attainability of ODF targets.

Date: 26 April 2013

Post-2015 WASH indicators and highlights of the Symposium

IRC symposium discussion

The third and last day of the Monitoring Sustainable WASH Service Delivery Symposium has also been very interesting. We listened to a couple of new presentations, among which the one about post-2015 indicators was the most appealing to me. In addition, we also had the opportunity to reflect on what we had learnt and the key questions we were taking with us.


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