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Day 2 at UNC: reflections from Suzanne Hanchett

They are doing a fine job of crowd control here in Chapel Hill today. Despite all the organisers’ concerns about huge numbers overburdening the venue, they’re taking good care of us all. Breakfast sweets and coffee, midmorning snacks, big lunches, end-of-day snacks big enough for dinner, on and on. Poster presenters wait eagerly in the lobby for people to stop and talk with them.

IDS in action: sharing and learning on CLTS and sustainability

Life on the beach – the stunning location of the AfricaSan 4 Dakar conference, in a grand hotel perched on the Senegalese coast, was not enough to distract the participants of the IDS CLTS sharing and learning workshop from their task. As usual, the workshop was held the day before the main AfricaSan conference to profit from the gathering together of so many experienced WASH professionals. The event proved almost too popular – something like 90 participants turned up – making it quite challenging and time-consuming to capture and discuss the diverse views of the large group.

Online WASH Cost Training

WASHCost  was a  five-year action research program implemented by the International Water and Sanitation Centre IRC in the Hague (www.irc.nl). WASHCost ran from 2008 to 2012 and explored issues and collected data related to the true costs of providing water, sanitation, and hygiene services for the entire life-cycle of a service - from implementation all the way to service delivery. WASHCost provides both face-to-face and online training on the use of the life-cycle costs approach. Since 2011, WASHCost has been providing trainings to a number of large sector based initiatives.



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