World Toilet Day- what are you doing?

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The 19h November is World Toilet Day The World Toilet Organization created World Toilet Day (WTD) to raise global awareness of the struggle 2.6 billion face every day without access to proper, clean sanitation.WTD also brings to the forefront the health, emotional and psychological consequences the poor endure as a result of inadequate sanitation.

Below you can see a list of activities planned by different organisations and in different countries. Let us know how you are celebrating World Toilet Day and do share your pictures, newspaper articles, reports and videos after the event.

Enjoy your celebrations!

Plan Asia Regional

  • An article on sanitation for the flood affected communities in Pakistan, to be released by Plan Asia Regional Office (ARO) on 19th November.
  • Plan in Cambodia has supported the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) to promote sanitation. A banner reading: Sanitation brings wealth, health and happiness will be displayed in strategic locations in Phnom Penh and the provinces as well as at Plan’s offices in Cambodia. Plan has also collaborated with MRD to mark the National Sanitation Day 13 November.
  • Plan in Laos has disseminated a story : ‘Toilets mushroom across Laos as children promote good hygiene and sanitation to mark the day’. Plan Laos will also hold handwashing and toilet promotion events with many children in 5 locations in three program districts.
  • Plan in Vietnam will celebrate together with Government and other partners in a national seminar on 19th November that will feature national speakers as well as chairperson of the World Toilet Organization, Jack Sim. The country Director of Plan in Vietnam has sent a special message to all staff on the importance of everyone’s contribution to promote sanitation as part of the children’s rights.

Source: Hilda Winarta, Plan Asia Regional Office

IRSP, Mardan, Pakistan

Poster designed for World Toilet Day 2011

Source: Syed Shah Nasir Khisro, IRSP

Plan Region of Eastern and Southern Africa (RESA)

Amsalu Negussie submitted a paper for a press release.

Source: Amsalu Negussie, Regional Water and Sanitation Advisor
Plan-Region of Eastern& Southern Africa

Plan Sierra Leone

Plan Sierra Leone in collaboration with the Bombali District Council will organize open recognition and certification day ceremony marking the ‘World Toilet Day’ for 13 Villages in the Mapaki Massabong chiefdom. Communities and individuals that have maintained their ODF status for 12 months after ODF will be recognized. The recognition will not solely be on the basis of latrine construction but also recognize other hygiene practices including improved hand washing with soap at critical times, care of water sources, and construction of compost fences; plate racks; cloth lines etc…

Certificates will be awarded to village communities and individuals who are judged to have made a significant progress/contribution during the year. This activity will serve as an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the participation and effort of female natural leaders and also recognize community leaders that have supported female natural leaders in promoting CLTS. The occasion will help to raise the profile of the project and demonstrate to other communities that changes can be positive. Dignitaries in Government, Councils, NGOs and other village leaders will be invited to give short speeches on the relevance of the occasion.

During the occasion members of School sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE) also known as school health clubs will perform drama and/or short skit on improved hygiene practices and sanitation. Cultural performance and radio discussions will also form part of the celebration.

Source: Abdulai Jalloh, CLTS Project Coordinator, Plan Sierra Leone

Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya

Community Cleaning Services, WASH United, Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Community Strategy, Starehe District and the City Council of Nairobi, Community Development section are joining the globe and the national effort to observe World Toilet Day, 2011, by holding an event in Mathare. The event will be held at WHYNOT Grounds, starting at 9.00am Saturday the 19th of November, 2011. The event will be marked by a number of activities including: Toilet Cup Tournament dubbed the “ World Toilet Cup Tournament”, innovative sports based health education games (blue hand game, hand washing challenge and the world toilet cup game) and a free medical camp. Read more about World Toilet Day in Mathare

Source: Rose Niyawira, Urban CLTS Coordinator, CCS (Community Cleaning Services)

Environmental Initiative Organization for Sustainable Development (EnvI), Sudan

Broadcast on FM 100 (Sudanese House Radio Channel) and a press article submitted to 5 daily and electronic newspapers (in Arabic, English translation forthcoming). Hanan El-Amin Muddathir will be interviewed on live main program from 8:00-8:30 am interviewed by FM 100. Another interview will be conducted as part of an hour long live panel discussion with Governmental authorities, CSOs, psychologist, and Hanan El-Amin Muddathir in the following days.

Source: Hanan El-Amin Muddathir, Founder & Chairperson of Environmental Initiative Organization for Sustainable Development, Sudan

Plan Western Kenya

There are plans to hold road shows in the days leading up to WTD to highlight and publisize the WTD, and sensitize people on the importance of using a latrine. Plan will also work closely with one of the popular comedy groups in the country. During WTD itself, the ODF status of one of the villages in Siaya district will be celebrated. Dignitaries from the NGOs involved in sanitation plus officials from the Ministry of Public health, both at the grassroots level and the national office are expected to attend.

Source: Philip Otieno, Plan Kenya

Plan Malawi and District Health Office

Plan Malawi will celebrate the WTD in Mulanje district at Nkatasi village. The celebration has been arranged together with the district council through the District Health Office. This is a village that has just been triggered with support from Plan Malawi. The celebration will bring awareness to the district on the need for a household latrine under the Plan Malawi initiative of “One House One Latrine Initiative” and also proper disposal of waste. Key messages will include “living in ODF communities always” and “Sanitation for all”. Activities that have been lined up to spice up the celebration include dances, songs, poems and health talk. The guest of honour will be the District Environmental Health Officer (DEHO).

Source: Ulemu Chiluzi, Plan Malawi

End Water Poverty

Action in 16 countries! In Mali, four days of events are being held in the lead up to World Toilet Day whilst in the UK constituents are already holding personal meetings with their MPs. In Liberia, public hearings are taking place in three counties and in Malawi, talks are being held in the heart of the slums. In DRC, public events are being held in Kinshasa and Bukavu and in Nepal, there are campaigns for public toilets and to improve the conditions of sanitary workers. Further ‘Crisis Talks’ are being held in Holland, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Togo, Cameroon, Burundi, and Bangladesh. Crisis Talks use the the occasion of World Toilet Day to bring attention to the sanitation crisis, and demand that governments take a lead on solving this crisis. For more information visit End Water Poverty

Date: 17 November 2011