World Hygiene Programme Launches on October 15, 2011

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A new charity which focuses on fighting preventable disease by promoting hygiene launches in Sydney on “Global Handwashing Day”, October 15 2011.

The World Hygiene Programme (WHP) is working to build a public health agenda led by water, sanitation and hygiene (or ‘WASH’) in developing countries, and a WASH agenda led by hygiene promotion. Their vision is a world where preventable diseases are not the world’s leading killer of children under five years old.

The WHP website contains a comprehensive set of resources and tools covering hygiene, handwashing, behaviour change, community-led total sanitation (CLTS), disgust, acute respiratory infections and diarrhoea.

For more information, contact: Mark Eddleston at World Hygiene Programme

Date: 11 October 2011