Sanitation is becoming a social movement

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‘Sanitation is becoming a social movement’ says Therese Dooley, UNICEF’s Sanitation Advisor in this interview with IPS (Inter Press Service).

UNITED NATIONS, Feb 6 (IPS) – While 2008 – declared by the U.N. as the “International Year of Sanitation” – came and went with 2.6 billion people, including almost one billion children, still living without basic facilities, UNICEF’s sanitation and hygiene senior advisor, Therese Dooley, says there is reason for hope.

Hundreds of organisations are now working alongside governments and U.N. agencies to build safe, hygienic waste disposal systems, as well as to change cultural norms so that dangerous practices like open defecation are abandoned in the poorest communities.

“It is almost like a social movement,” she told IPS. “It is about everybody working together.”

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Date: 12 February 2009