Call for contributions to Waterlines issue on CLTS and sanitation marketing

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Waterlines, a journal published by Practical Action is looking for contributions to a forthcoming issue on CLTS and sanitation marketing.

"It is now many years since the majority of sanitation programmes routinely gave away latrine slabs and constructed ‘demonstration latrines’ for households.  Today the vast majority of sanitation programmes use approaches based on either community-led total sanitation (CLTS), sanitation marketing (SM), or a blend of the two.  Households are expected to make their own investments in the physical facilities which they need, and the motto is ‘no subsidy’.  We seek papers for a theme issue of Waterlines, reflecting on the successes and limitations of these approaches, reporting on innovations and non-conventional trials, setting out good practices and pointing the way ahead in this important area."

The planned publication date for this issue of Waterlines is July 2015.

Please contact Waterlines for more information or to discuss a proposed submission.


Date: 15 September 2014