AMCOW AfricaSan Awards 2010- call for nominations

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The AMCOW AfricaSan Awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding efforts and achievements in sanitation and hygiene in Africa which result in large-scale, sustainable behaviour changes and tangible impacts. They aim at raising the profile of sanitation and hygiene by drawing attention to successful approaches, promoting excellence in leadership, innovation and sanitation and hygiene improvements in Africa, and providing incentives for action beyond 2008 – the International Year of Sanitation. For more information see the announcement

The deadline for submitting nominations (in French or English) for both categories is the 30th October 2010. Nominations should be sent to Please use the forms below or see for more details.

In this second round of awards, the following categories of the awards will be considered:

    To honour public institutions or individuals whose contributions to national policy have had significant impact on large-scale improvements in sanitation and hygiene. Nominees may include public officials at all levels; or Ministries, State Corporations and government departments with policy or oversight role in the hygiene and sanitation subsectors.

    To honour women for their commitment and outstanding contributions to improving the state of sanitation and hygiene.

  • Grassroots Champion Award:
    To honor individuals for their commitment and outstanding contributions to improving the state of sanitation and hygiene at the local, national or regional level; or who have significantly influenced the thinking and behavior of others.
    Nominees may include opinion leaders, activists, local officials, elders, and grassroots organizers.

Nomination guidelines
You may nominate yourself or another individual or institution. Entries may be made by individuals or organizations based within or outside Africa. Nominations should include the name and contact details of the nominee, and a short statement (no more than 500 words) about their work and why they deserve the award. The nominees must be involved in sanitation and hygiene-related activities within Africa.

Date: 22 October 2010