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The Bottom Line: Understanding the Business of Sanitation (game)

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 Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) has produced an online game as an exploration of some of the challenges around involving the private sector in sanitation service delivery in cities.

In the fictional African city of Bafini, 80% of residents have no access to a sewer connection, relying instead on toilets with pits or septic tanks. This creates a need for better faecal waste collection services, and a market opportunity for a smart entrepreneur.You run a waste management business in Bafini, and have just decided to expand into faecal sludge management. You have a positive cash flow, which you will need to maintain. Your business must impact positively on low levels of public health in Bafini, and work to get a sceptical city government onside. You cannot operate without their support! It's a difficult balance. Can you make a success of it?

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Date: 15 February 2018