Project Malio- adapting rural CLTS to an urban setting in Madagascar

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Azafady UK’s three-year sanitation and hygiene initiative, Project Malio, in the coastal town of Fort Dauphin, southeast Madagascar, is using an adapted version of CLTS Sanitation. Azafady have been working with households, schools, communities and local governments to promote sustained latrine use and behaviour change. Since the start of the project, over 1,780 people have been triggered to make community-wide sanitation changes following their recognition that just one person openly defecating can put the entire community at risk of disease.

Read more in the following documents or take a look at this blog giving an overview of Azafady UK’s urban sanitation and hygiene initiative in south east Madagascar.

Summary of Project Malio

Adapting rural CLTS for urban settings

Project Malio Year 1 Achievements

Project Malio Year 1 Lessons learned

Date: 15 December 2015