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Maryada Abhiyan: Women-led Total Sanitation campaign in Madhya Pradesh

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The consequences of a lack of adequate sanitation and the widespread practice of open defection affect women disproportionately. On the one hand, lack of privacy and efforts to preserve their dignity force many women to wait till after dark to go out, thus creating huge discomfort during the day and posing safety risks when they go out. On the other hand, as mothers and prime caregivers, they are faced with the tragic and preventable loss of their children.

In Madhya Pradesh, a new campaign Maryada Abhiyan ( maryada meaning dignity in Hindi), recognises the key role that women can play in catalysing improvements in sanitation and hygiene behaviour and moving their communities towards ODF. It also acknowledges and supports the positive impact of CLTS and sanitation improvements can have on women’s empowerment and their standing in their communities.

The experiences with women’s leadership have been recognised and integrated as an essential part of the NBA implementation policy in Madhya Pradesh.

View the Maryada Abhiyan guidelines

Date: 30 August 2013