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Living Blue and the Nijera Cottage and Village Industries

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‘Living Blue’ is the brand name for the textiles that have been produced by Nijera Cottage and Village Industries (NCVI), a private limited company set up by producers to represent the various social enterprises which they own as autonomous financial entities.

‘Living Blue’, a brand that stands for high quality, hand-made products, is an example of how CLTS can build the solidarity and empower communities to engage in other livelihood-related activities beyond sanitation.

Most of the members of the General Council and the Board of Directors of NCVI are leaders who have emerged through various social and political initiatives, under CARE Bangladesh’ Social Development Unit, implementing the pilot project Nijeder Janyia Nijera (We, For Ourselves). The members of NCVI have triggered and led community activities that have been instrumental in visible social change. (Living Blue –Best of Bangladesh, A Publication of Nijera Cottage and Village Industries)

The story of ‘Living Blue’ is a great example of what can happen ‘beyond ODF’ and as a result of the collective action mobilised by the CLTS process. “Living Blue is testimony to the extraordinary achievements of the producers and their peers in rural communities in the social and political realms. Their work would not been possible without the solidarity and trust that has been created through collective social action of the kind that CLTS seeds.”
(Living Blue – Best of Bangladesh, A Publication of Nijera Cottage and Village Industries)

For more information, also see – Kumar, Tushar (2006) Situation Analysis, Craft’s Scenario, and Steps Forward: Nijera Cottage and Village Industries Bangladesh. Dhaka: CARE

Date: 3 February 2009