Linking CLTS with Multiple Use Water Services (MUS), VSLA and Nutrition: Plan Ethiopia’s experience

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Plan Ethiopia’s project “Water, the key to a better future”- WASH-FNS is an integrated project on water, sanitation and food security which has been implemented since October 2013. The objective is to reduce morbidity, mortality and malnutrition of children, caused by waterborne diseases and malnutrition in two districts (Bahir Dar Zuria & Dara) in Ethiopia.  To achieve this objective, the major activities of the project are Multiple Use Water Services, Sanitation & Hygiene promotion (through CLTS approach), Economic Empowerment (through VSL groups) and Nutrition.  The project is addressing multiple challenges of sanitation and hygiene including the reuse of nutrients from toilet wastes and recycling of water for agricultural production

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Date: 15 July 2015