Lessons learned from CLTS in Pojok Village, Tawangharjo Subdistrict, Grobogan District, Central Java

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The Government of Indonesia launched ‘Sanitasi Total Berbasis Masyarakat’ (STBM) which means Community-based Total Sanitation, as their national sanitation strategy in 2008. The strategy has five pillars:

  • Stop Open Defecation,
  • Handwashing with soap,
  • Proper drinking water management,
  • Household liquid waste management,
  • Proper Household solid waste management.

    Since May 2012 Plan Indonesia has been implementing the CLTS Scaling Up project in support of the regional government’s efforts on the first pillar- ending open defecation. Pojok is one of 120 villages that have been verified declared ODF. Read more about implementation and post-ODF follow up in Pojok

Date: 14 June 2012