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Good governance for sustainable WASH Programming: lessons from two USAID-funded projects in Uganda

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The USAID/Uganda Strengthening Decentralisation for Sustainability (SDS) Program's WASH component and the Northern Uganda Development of Enhanced Local Governance, Infrastructure and Livelihoods (NUDEILS) Program brough innovative approaches to supplying WASH services and infrastructure through existing Distric Local Governmnet systems in Southwestern and Northern Uganda respectively. The SDS Program's WASH component focused on increasing the flow of resources, both human and financial, into existing District programs. Increased numbers of trainers and informational resources for CLTS and hygiene education allowed Districts to increase their number of ODF communities. The NUDEIL program built infrastructure through the Distruct Local Governments all the way from planning to construction supervision. The program allowed war-affected Distructs to build up their capacity for planning procurement, engineering supervision and training with technical guidance from the implementaing partner.

Download this paper by D. Bales and M. Ayebazibwe which was presented at the 39th International WEDC Conference in Kumasi, Ghana in July 2016.

Date: 5 September 2016