Tabitha Atai- empowered by urban CLTS in Mathare

Tabitha Atai is a mother of four who lives in Mathare 10 and used to be a self-employed tailor. When Urban CLTS was introduced in her area she decided to join since her business was not doing well and she was spending most of her time as a housewife. She is now a full-time community health worker and a facilitator of Urban CLTS and says she has been empowered from a mere housewife to a strong community leader, thanks to Urban CLTS.

Date: 3 April 2012

Improving movement up the sanitation ladder through Natural Leaders Associations

In order to address issues of sustainability Plan International Ethiopia SNNP PU has been supporting the setting up Natural Leaders Associations. These associations, which are registered as legal bodies, further work on improving the movement up the sanitation ladder in ODF kebeles.

Date: 3 April 2012

Poor sanitation is costing Ghana 290 million each year

A survey by the Environmental Health and Sanitation Directorate (EHSD) under the country’s Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) revealed open defecation costs Ghana $79 million per year. Another $215 million is lost each year due to premature deaths caused by poor water reticulation, lack of sanitation and hygiene. The total amounts to 1.6% of Ghana’s GDP.

Making Kenya ODF

How sad I had to miss the Pan Africa Sharing and Learning Workshop (see other blogs to find out more about what went on there) and the ODF sustainability research methodology in Accra Ghana. Good to read all about it and to hear from Philip (my colleague) that it was great there. It is amazing that Africa and Kenya have become a beehive of CLTS activities all with the focus of getting rid of open defecation practice which takes lives of many children every year.


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