22 July 2010

Amnesty International has just published a report on women’s experiences in the slums of Nairobi which shows that women living in informal settlements are particularly affected by the lack of adequate access to sanitation facilities. In addition to difficulties relating to lack of privacy, they face threats to their safety. Lack of toilet facilities in or near the home means that women are vulnerable to rape and other gender-based violence when they go for open defecation or visit public facilities during the night.
(July 2010)

1 July 2010

New feature on the website: Follow the progress of the urban CLTS pilot

25 March 2010

The CLTS newsletter now has over 1,000 subscribers from around the glob

5 February 2010

The International African Water and Sanitation Congress and Exhibition will be taking place in Kampala, Uganda, from the 15th-18th March 2010.

5 February 2010

The 2nd LatinoSan Conference will be taking place in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil from the 14th-18th March 2010.

IDS is holding a One Day Introductory workshop on CLTS (see flyer below) as well as a lunchtime session on CLTS at the event, so if you are attending LatinoSan, please join us for one or both. Both events are taking place at the Rafain Palace Hotel (the main conference venue). More details will be posted here soon so watch this space or get in touch if you would like to receive more information about the events.

18 November 2009

As part of World Toilet Day activities on the 19th November, the World Toilet Organisation (WTO) has launched The Big Squat- a movement for the toilet-less

18 November 2009

The19th November 2009 is World Toilet Day, a day to raise awareness of the global sanitation situation and to celebrate something many of us take for granted: a toilet.

19 August 2009

The AMCOW AfricaSan top honor for Leadership has been awarded to His Ro

6 August 2009

The Golden Poo Awards are being held on 15th October 2009 as part of Global Handwashing Day. noneAs well as screening and awards for animated films on the themes of hygiene and sanitation, there will be awards made to those who have made outstanding contributions to these fields.


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