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Global Handwashing Day Celebrations in Mathare

Mathare community joined the rest of the world in celebrating Global Handwashing Day in Mathare on 15th October 2011. The day was marked at Kiboro Primary school where about 400 community members from Mathare Valley gathered to wash their hands together. The event was strategically organized at a school to attract the participation of children and the theme was Wash your hands and save your life.

A passionate family: Reflections on the WSSCC Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene

This was the first ever Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene. There have been the regional meetings – Sacosans, Africasans and so on, but never one for the whole developing world. WSSCC (and most notably Archana Patkar, who got a standing ovation at the end) did a great job in imaginative and thorough planning. The facilitation by Archana, Barbara Evans and others was outstanding. WSSCC had brought together some 450 of us. There was fuller representation of Africa than usual, and fewer Indians than one might have expected.

Harnessing GIS Mapping and Social Media for Better Sanitation & Hygiene in Informal Settlements

I know it is close to two months since I blogged last. To be precise it was just after the AfricaSan3 either early or Mid August. Since my last post quite a number of things have happened including sharing with my peers from the Region of Eastern and Southern Africa about the CLTS work Plan International has been doing in Kenya and the region.

Inspiring to act and breaking the mould at the WSSCC Global Forum in Mumbai

The WSSCC Forum in Mumbai has been simply amazing. I do not regret having set aside time to come and thanks to Robert and Petra for the encouragement and support. I have been on the move a lot since July 2011. I arrived here on Sunday 9th 2011 around 4am. The inauguration was amazing and really colourful. We had a taste of Indian culture through music, drumming and dance. However, looking around the hall I could not tell if people enjoyed the music or not.

AfricaSan, urban CLTS and some promising connections

I have just been to the AfricaSan’s conference in Kigali, Rwanda. Upon arrival at the Kigali International Airport, I couldn’t help but start comparing with the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, in Nairobi Kenya. I had heard a lot about how clean Kigali is. A colleague already started telling me how they had disallowed the use of plastic bags in Rwanda. It is quite a drive from the airport to the city. This gave me an opportunity to look out and get an impression of the state of cleanliness.

Welcome to the new CLTS blog

This is a new space for sharing reflections, ideas, experiences, opinions, innovations, challenges, questions and inspirations in an easy and informal way. We hope you will find it useful and enjoy the possibilities for further networking, connecting and interacting with other CLTS and sanitation practitioners across the globe that a blog can open up! Do let us know what you think!


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