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Campaigns for total sanitation with CLTS- can you add?

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Dear Colleagues in CLTS and sanitation

Please help fill what I think is an important gap which becomes more important by the day.

Over 40 countries are implementing CLTS. Campaigns are in full swing or starting in many of these. Campaigns – whether national, regional, district or subdistrict, or any combination of these – are vital and central to success. But there is no single source book for them. Can we between us produce one? It needs a pooling of ideas and experience. I have tried to make a start with this checklist

It can be used straight away, especially by people working in Governments, but also in NGOs. There is no need to wait. Please send it to anyone you know who might find it useful.

And do please add to it, improve it, and send illustrations.

What you can do:

1. Give feedback on the checklist
2. Share experiences, examples, anecdotes, ideas and advice
3. Write up short (one-page) case experiences to contribute to a sourcebook.

Suggested headings:

  • Title/heading
  • Context of the campaign – where, when, who by
  • What was done, what happened
  • Lessons learnt and tips for others
  • Sources/contacts

Great if you can help. This needs a collective effort. Between all of us we can do what none of us could do on our own,

Robert Chambers is a Research Associate at the Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK and part of the CLTS Knowledge Hub that is based there.

Date: 19 December 2011