Sharing Lessons, Improving Practice: Maximising the potential of Community-Led Total Sanitation

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This project formed a bridge between the DFID-funded IDS Research, Action Learning and Networking project Going to Scale? The Potential of Community-led Total Sanitation and new initiatives. The project aimed to further extend the action learning and networking components, and during 2009 to assess and enhance their impact. Activities focus on ensuring that lessons are learnt and shared across countries and organisations.By supporting activities in 2009, it provided continuity, carries forward the momentum and gives space for scoping and piloting new activities from 2010 onwards.

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1st January 2009-31st December 2009


The overarching aim of the project was to contribute to major gains in human wellbeing. This was intended through the development and spread of good CLTS practices and supportive policies. The intention was to achieve these through the actions below.

Themes and Activities:

Scaling Up

  • Collecting, reviewing and learning from experience with diverse approaches in different conditions, countries and organisations. This will include the range of roles of government, projects, donors, NGOs and local champions.
  • Making a preliminary assessment of options, outcomes and opportunities.

Influencing policy, practice and research, working with donors, agencies, NGOs

  • Where appropriate, providing guidance and support to improve donor practice
  • Advising on and supporting governments and NGOs in implementation of CLTS
  • Encouraging policy and practice related reflection

Capacity development

  • Continuing to work on publications with practical focus (eg guidelines and resource materials)
  • Supporting NGOs, governments and donors planning to start CLTS
  • Devising approaches and methods for familiarisation workshops for policy makers
  • Identifying and supporting good trainers to work internationally, regionally and within countries

Networking, Sharing and Learning

The work on scaling up, influencing policy and practice, and capacity development was based on a strategy of networking, and encouraging learning and sharing across countries and organisations. This includes:

  • Networking, sharing and learning exchanges via the website, e-newsletter and mailing list
  • Maintaining and expanding the dissemination of key resource materials, and establishing functional linkages within the international CLTS community
  • Convening, supporting and taking part in Sharing and Learning Workshops
  • Eliciting, collating and disseminating experience through trawls and questionnaires like Favourable/Unfavourable Conditions for CLTS
  • Encouraging and supporting the documentation of CLTS experience
  • The CLTS website