19 August 2014

La CLTS Knowledge Hub à l'IDS, ou plateforme du savoir sur l’ATPC de l'IDS, accueillera un atelie

12 August 2014

The CLTS Knowledge Hub at IDS will be hosting a CLTS Sharing and Learning workshop on Tuesday 7th

4 August 2014

Approximately 160 million children under the age of 5 are stunted.

4 August 2014

The UNICEF and World Health Organisation Joint Monitoring - Programme 2012 report estimates 5 mil

4 August 2014

The CLTS Knowledge Hub at IDS, in collaboration with Plan and WaterAid, will be co-hosting a CLTS

22 July 2014

Blog post by Kamal Kar, written after his recent visit to IDS.

18 July 2014

UNICEF and the Haitian government have intensified the fight against cholera, with the launch thi

15 July 2014

Open defecation, the practice of defecating outside and in public as a result of lack of access t

14 July 2014

In India, a long economic boom has done little to reduce the vast number of cases of malnutrition

7 July 2014
The danger faced by women going to the toilet outdoors in rural India was made clear last month when two girls were ambushed, gang-raped and hanged from a tree. But defecation outside is normal for most Indian villagers - so how do they manage?


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